River Reports

October 31


It's no tricks and all treats here in Boyne Country!  Although its chilly, and Mother Nature decided to toss some snow in the mix, the fishing has been fantastic lately!  The trout fishing is solid with browns spawning on most systems now, steelhead are starting to pour in, and Coho's have started showing up as well.  The gales of November came a little early and with it... fish!

Chrome is the targeted species this time of year for the most part - swingin', eggin' and nymphin' all can produce solid results.  The Boyne has been fishing better than the Jordan and Sturgeon, but that is not uncommon as the latter two systems usually take a little bit more time to heat up for the fall steelhead run.  Coho are in both the Boyne and Jordan right now, and have been for about a week...more fish showing up daily.  Looks like it will be a good coho run this year.  Both Chrome and Coho will readily take a swung fly, and are typically much more aggressive this time of year than spring steel. 

Trout fishing with streamers, and eggin' behind King redds have both produced good results.  With the warmer water, bigger streamers are the ticket to entice the territorial response of pre/post spawn brown trout.  Don't rule out the flash either.  The Boyne has some good sized browns in it right now, indicating that we may finally be seeing the return of the SS Browns plantings started back in 2010.  Reports are that there are more large fish than last year, and there are more coming in.  This is good news, and we are excited to see what happens.

For the boys in the woods... Leaves are finally off the trees for the most part and bird hunting has been good.  Most of the flight birds have passed through, but grouse hunting is solid.  Deer activity is picking up and we are right on the front side of the rut.  This weekend of cold weather should kick things off for a wonderful November.

Don't let the cold hold you back!  Get out on the river or in the woods!


Boyne River

Flow: Normal
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance:
Guides Choice Flies: Ragg Eggs; Nuke Eggs; Black Stones; Large Streamers
Fish Species: Steelhead; Trout; Coho
Recommended Techniques: Chuck & Duck; Indicator; Streamers

Jordan River

Flow: 232 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance:
Guides Choice Flies: Large Streamers; Eggs; Nymphs
Fish Species: Trout; Steelhead; Coho
Recommended Techniques: Streamers; Eggin'; Nymphing

Sturgeon River

Flow: 294 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Stained
Emergences in Order of Importance:
Guides Choice Flies: Large Streamers
Fish Species: Trout; Steelhead
Recommended Techniques: Streamers; Nymphs