River Reports

September 12

I believe fall is here folks!  With plenty of rain the other day, and a solid cool down in current and forecasted temps, it looks like we are into a fairly normal September.  We may have a few warms days, and even a little string of them toward the later part of the month, but more than likely it will be crispy mornings and warm afternoons. 

Salmon are solid on the systems downstate, and we have started our runs on the Boyne and Jordan - mostly scouts at this point, but we are close to the full out run.  We should have a solid push of fish with the next rain, which means rivers will be busy.  Brown trout will start to hold behind new redds and gobble up eggs for extra calories for spawning and the winter holdover, so if trout is what you are after...eggs will soon be on the menu.  With the start of the run, fish are fairly aggressive, so large and bright colors work best, and as we continue into the fall, neck down the size a bit and soften up on the color schemes.  Fall Chrome is soon to follow the smorgasbord of protein as well.

Headwaters streams (Type I) are open through the end of the month, so make sure to get in on some late season brookie action if you haven't gotten your fix.  Warm afternoons have BWOs popping off with caddis mixed in as well.  Don't be surprised if you see a larger dark mayfly coming off...it's our late season mahoganies, and if you see solid bugs in the air, the trout are soon to follow.  Small streamers and swingin' wets and soft hackles can be some of the most productive patterns this time of year as fish are gearing up for spawn.  And in my opinion, the brook trout in the fall are one of the prettiest things that swim!

Morning streamer stripping for brown trout is not be overlooked, especially on overcast days.  Large brown trout are becoming extremely territorial and packing on the pounds...and the water is still warm...so throw some big meat at em!

Bird season opens next week!  Pack your bags and head north for some cast & blast action in Boyne Country!




Boyne River

Flow: Normal
Water Condition/Visibility: Clear
Emergences in Order of Importance: BWOs; Terrestrials; Slate Mahogany Dun; Caddis
Guides Choice Flies: Ragg Eggs; Nuke Eggs; Black Stones; Large Streamers
Fish Species: Salmon; Trout
Recommended Techniques: Chuck & Duck; Indicator

Jordan River

Flow: 176 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Clear
Emergences in Order of Importance: BWOs; Terrestrials; Tricos; Slate Mahogany Dun; Caddis
Guides Choice Flies: BWOs; Hoppers & Ants; Large Streamers; Soft Hackles; Eggs
Fish Species: Trout
Recommended Techniques: Swingin' soft hackles; Hoppers on top

Sturgeon River

Flow: 237 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance: Terrestrials; Mahogany Dun; Stones
Guides Choice Flies: Large Streamers; Mice
Fish Species: Trout
Recommended Techniques: Streamer Fishing