River Reports

October 23

Fall is completely upon us.  The colors have peaked, and a large majority of the leaves have blown off the trees.  Frost the last couple mornings has had a serious chill in the air for those venturing out in the early morning hours.  The white, frozen precipitation is not too far off...

King salmon have peaked and are starting to slow on area rivers, however there are plenty of fish still to be had.  In addition, Coho are now in the Jordan River, and the Boyne River should be soon to follow.  The Boyne usually holds Coho into the middle part of November, as does the Jordan, so salmonids are still available for those chasin' the larger migratory fish.  Steelhead have started popping up.  The Boyne has reports of chrome being caught and several have been spotted in the Jordan.  The Sturgeon should be heating up as well with large migratory 'bows out of Burt Lake as well.

Nymphs and eggs have been the ticket lately.  Buggy soft hackle variations are a good bet - dead drifted or swung.  Streamers are a key player for pre-spawn and post-spawn gold right now.  The big guys get mean this time of year and are willing to take a things a little larger than normal to defend their territory as well as add some serious calories in prep for the winter ahead.  We received a lot of new streamers from Anglers Choice Flies recently, including Tommy Lynch Drunk & Disorderlies, as well as their smaller counterpart, the Mini-D's, which are perfect for our northern rivers.  If you've never fished these, you'll be amazed by their action.

For the boys in the woods...  Woodcock flight has been a bit behind this year, however grouse numbers are fairly steady even on the down side of the cycle.  Waterfowl flight numbers are still solid with a lot of geese still moving through.  The frosty nights have started the deer into their fall ritual and scrape activity has increased significantly over the last week.  All in all, it's turning out to be a pretty nice fall in the uplands.

Don't forget what month it is - OCTOBER - which for some means Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Boyne Outfitters teamed up with Casting for Recovery to offer special promotional trucker hats, as well as a raffle for a Sage GRACE 586-4 combo to be raffled off at the end of the month!  Hats are $25 and gain an entry into the raffle.  Individual tickets may be purchased at $5 each or 5 for $20.  All proceeds go to Casting for Recovery!

Whether it's the water or the woods, get to Boyne Country for some wonderful fall experiences!




Boyne River

Flow: Normal
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance: BWOs
Guides Choice Flies: Ragg Eggs; Nuke Eggs; Black Stones; Large Streamers
Fish Species: Salmon; Steelhead; Trout
Recommended Techniques: Chuck & Duck; Indicator; Streamers

Jordan River

Flow: 184 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance: BWOs
Guides Choice Flies: Large Streamers; Soft Hackles; Eggs
Fish Species: Trout
Recommended Techniques: Streamers; Eggs; Soft Hackles

Sturgeon River

Flow: 234 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance:
Guides Choice Flies: Large Streamers
Fish Species: Trout; Steelhead
Recommended Techniques: Streamers; Nymphs