River Reports

November 20

snow...SnOw...SNOW!!!  Old man winter is here folks, and he brought plenty of lake effect along with him!  But don't worry, there are still plenty of excuses to get out and enjoy the great outdoors this time of year.

Fall steelhead season is here.  Cohos are still around.  And the big Browns are packing on weight.  Chrome numbers seem to be stable, however, downstate numbers are low, so we are waiting to see how things come about.  Cohos should stick around till the end of the month in both the Boyne and Jordan.  The Jordan and Sturgeon are the go-to streams right now for fall brown trout.  Rip some big streamers and move some of the big boys that love this gray weather.  Streamers, swing flies, and egg patterns have been best lately.  As the water temps start bottoming out, it's time to switch to the smaller stuff - small eggs, black stonefly nymphs, and swing flies are the winter arsenal in the tip of the mitt.

Firearm Deer Season started up last weekend.  The weekend seemed to be fairly slow, however hunter success definitely increased at the beginning of the week with lots of headgear hitting the ground.  Several nice bucks have been taken over the last week, and with another week left, it should be a great firearm season.

Most of the lakes in the area are already frozen over.  ICE IS NOT SAFE!  However, it is extremely early which may indicate we have a great season ahead of us on the hard water.

For some of you who wish to switch gears for the winter...Boyne Mountain Resort opens for SKIING & RIDING on Friday, November 21st - for the season!  Boyne Highlands Resort will also be open this weekend, close for the week, and reopen Thanksgiving Day.

We have plenty to be thankful for this season! 




Boyne River

Flow: Normal
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance:
Guides Choice Flies: Ragg Eggs; Nuke Eggs; Black Stones; Large Streamers
Fish Species: Steelhead; Trout; Coho
Recommended Techniques: Chuck & Duck; Indicator; Streamers

Jordan River

Flow: 202 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance:
Guides Choice Flies: Large Streamers; Eggs; Nymphs
Fish Species: Trout; Steelhead; Coho
Recommended Techniques: Streamers; Eggin'; Nymphing

Sturgeon River

Flow: 270 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Stained
Emergences in Order of Importance:
Guides Choice Flies: Large Streamers
Fish Species: Trout; Steelhead
Recommended Techniques: Streamers; Nymphs