River Reports

October 11

Sorry for the delay in getting this report out to all of you.  I apologize and I assure you I will update on a more regular basis from this point forward.

Streamer fishing has been the key for big trout lately.  Chill, frost, and some frozen precipitation have put an end to the hopper fishing, and most everything is starting to happen below the surface.  BWOs are still around on the warmer days, so you may have a few trout looking up.  Some of my best days on Blue Wing Olives have been mid to late October, so don't leave the dry box at home when you are out swinging streamers, eggs and nymphs...you never know when you'll hit that emergence that makes you longing for the dry flies you left at home because you thought the season was over...

For the most part though, trout fishing is geared around the salmon - eggs are the major source of protein in the systems right now, so the browns are taking full advantage.  Steelhead are starting to move in, but we are a little behind, like we have been all season, so look to November to be the month for fall chrome in the north country. 

Kings are still going in the Boyne, and a few are in the Jordan as well.  Small nymphs, light colored eggs, and small streamers in chartreuse and purple have been the key go-to for attempting to entice a salmon to strike.  Coho's should not be far behind, so don't give up when the kings start to slow. 

Atlantic salmon fishing in Torch Lake should start to heat up soon.  As the shallow waters start to cool (Torch is down right cold as it is), the Atlantics start to move in to crush bait fish near the river mouths.  Spring is not the only time to catch these magnificent beauties on Torch.  Just like the Atlantics, Lake Trout move in this time of year as well.  Thumb Lake in eastern Charlevoix County produces some wonderful Laker and Splake fishing, and Little Traverse Bay does as well south of the State Park.  Small, light colored streamers are generally a fair go to for chasing these fish.

On top of that, it's hunting season.  Archery deer, Ruffed Grouse & Woodcock, Waterfowl!  Fall is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the creating that is BOYNE Country and the northwoods!  Fall colors have not yet peaked, so all you leaf peepers are still in luck.  Get here and enjoy everything we have to be thankful for!



Boyne River

Flow: Normal
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance: BWOs; Terrestrials; Slate Mahogany Dun; Caddis
Guides Choice Flies: Ragg Eggs; Nuke Eggs; Black Stones; Large Streamers
Fish Species: Salmon; Trout
Recommended Techniques: Chuck & Duck; Indicator

Jordan River

Flow: 183 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance: BWOs
Guides Choice Flies: BWOs; Large Streamers; Soft Hackles; Eggs
Fish Species: Trout
Recommended Techniques: Streamers; Eggs; Soft Hackles; BWOs

Sturgeon River

Flow: 244 cfs
Water Condition/Visibility: Slight Stain
Emergences in Order of Importance:
Guides Choice Flies: Large Streamers
Fish Species: Trout; Steelhead
Recommended Techniques: Streamers; Nymphs