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Great Lakes Flats

"I'd rather be known as a great fly fisherman..." ~ Everett Kircher, Founder of Boyne Resorts

The shallow shoals of the northern Great Lakes provide harbor for scrappy smallmouth, spooky carp, and voracious northern pike. Gorgeous scenery and crystal clear blue waters, relatively untouched by modern human development will transport you to a caribbean-like state-of-mind while exploring the unsalted waters and flats of the northern Great Lakes. 

"It could be Florida or the Bahamas and those cruising shadows could be bonefish, but it's not.  The trees surrounding the sandy and rocky flats are pines, not palms, and the water is fresh, not salty.  It's a warm day in late May and smallmouth bass have come to Wilderness State Park's coastline to spawn." - Morgan Sherburne

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      • Full Day
      • 8 Hours
      • 1-2 Anglers
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