May 28, 2015

Memorial Day has come and gone for 2015...beautiful weather, bbq, and great fishing!  What a wonderful weekend!  However, I also hope each of you were able to take a moment of silence to remember the sacrifices that have been made so we can enjoy the freedoms that we cherish...which also include our wonderful fly fishing.  We are definitely blessed to have so much outdoor enjoyment at our fingertips.  Never forget.

With that being said, the weekend was great!  And the end of May and beginning of June are heating up and starting to look like a solid season is before us.  The name of the game on all of the systems are EphemerellaE.rotunda, the Light Hendrickson... E.invaria, the True Hendrickson... and E.dorothea, the Sulphur dun, are whats on the menu.  E.subvaria, the Dark Hendrickson may still be scattered here and there, but for the most part, have past.   Focus your efforts in the afternoon to evening with flies in #14-#16 ranging from cream, to yellow, and yellow orange.  Cripples are extremely effective as sulphurs have such a poor emergence success, and the trout will definitely key to the easy meal.  Mahoganies are mixed in, and their frequency will continue to rise as we continue into June. Keep the #14 adams and mahogany patterns on you as well, as you never know when the fish will switch over to the darker mayflies.  Finally, we have reports of Stenonema vicarium, the American March Brown Mayfly, as well as Siphlonurus rapidus, the Early Gray Drake Mayfly on the Jordan...and my assumption is that we have them on the Maple as well.  Typical in the headwaters areas of our rivers, these bugs run big...#10, so keep the gray/yellow/brown-ish drake patterns on hand just in case you stumble into these big bugs. 

Having trouble getting fish to rise early in the season to your small mayflies?  Do yourself a favor and tie on a big black and orange stimulator...and when I say big...I mean BIG... like #4-8.  I was at a few undisclosed locations recently and had significant Pteronarcys coming off the water.  If you know there is a fish in that hole, or tucked to that log jam and can't seem to get him to eat.  Swing, skate, flutter that big ole stimulator where he should be and you may be amazed at how effective it is.

We've gotten some rain lately, and the rivers definitely got a bump, but the water has warmed up from the early spring cold and streamers can be extremely effective on the drop in late May & early June.  On the big water tribs, smolt patterns are key.  On the interior streams...leeches are the way to go.  If fishing headwaters...get out soon after the rain stops and throw buggers and wet skunks for brookies. 

Waugoshance is ON!  Bronzebacks and mudbones are in the shallows and the water temps are there.  The water is quite a bit up from last year on the big water, which was up from the year before, which should make for some new little haunts around the point.  Get out early and keep an eye on the tides...yes, the Great Lakes have tides, even if minimal, but they are evident around Waugoshance.  The fish will key in on the bait as they move in and out of the back bays with the flowing water.  Careful wading between the point and the islands as the water is up and some of the reefs have shifted.  We have a full selection of carp and smallie flies in the shop that are designed for stop in and pick a few up before you make the journey.

It won't be long and it'll be drake season!

We have open dates for guides, and the next few weeks should be prime.  Give us a shout and we'll get you out on the water!



Boyne River