It's a beautiful weekend here in northern Michigan!  Temps in the 70s today and tomorrow should heat the water up quite a bit and get things really moving.  The ground temps are starting to break 50 degrees, so a nice warm rain should do wonders for the rivers, the steelhead...and the morels!  Look to next Monday for some of that rain and daytime temps holding in the 60s and 70s.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of fishing with a few colleagues on the Upper Manistee.  We had a decent hatch of Stoneflies and Blue Wing Olives for most of the day, and believe it or not, Hennies (Hendrickson mayflies) showed up as well!  Each of us were able to get some dry fly action and land a few fish on the surface for opening weekend.

The Hendrickson hatch is actually comprised of several variations of mayflies...Ephemerella subvaria (Dark Hendrickson Mayfly), Ephemerella invaria (True Hendrickson Mayfly), and Ephemerella rotunda (Light Hendrickson Mayfly).  The hatch period typicaly starts in late April/early May and lasts into June, with the peak being mid-late May for our northern rivers.  The "Henny" Hatch is well known due to the mid-afternoon emergence which can produce some nice fish during the daylight hours...the "Gentleman's Hatch" as some say...but don't worry ladies, we welcome you to show the guys up!

BWOs and Stoneflies have made up most of the hatch activity this last week, however Slate Wing Mahoganies (Paraleptophlebia adoptiva) have been seen as well.  Add in the oncoming Hennies, and things are starting to look very good.  If the trend into the warmer weather continues, May should turn out to be wonderful for fishing, and should provide a great dry fly season further into the summer.

With the increased water temperatures, browns have been starting to turn on their predatory instincts and chase down the big streamers.  The cooler temps earlier last week slowed things down a bit, on top the water and beneath the surface, but Monday's rain should turn the heat up.  Get out and fish the drop on Tuesday and rip some big fur and feathers for large spring browns. rainbows.  It's not over!  The run has been trickling in...with the warm dry spells, and the COLD wet spells, there are still plenty of fish holding in the lake ready to run up.  Again, look for the rain on Monday to pull the trigger.  Next week should be prime time for steelhead, and the following weekend will peak our spring run.  There are fish in the Jordan, Boyne, Sturgeon and Pigeon already, but the rain should really make the turn.  However, with the warm temps, it will likely be a short peak, and will not likely last very long before the fish spawn and drop back to the lake quickly.  Check with us daily to see how the run is progressing.

In other news, there have been some reports of morels in yards and open areas, and this warm weather should make things go!  The National Morel Mushroom Festival in Boyne City is next weekend, and if my prediction is correct, it should be great for festival goers to get out and find some mushrooms. 

Make your plans to get out on the water soon, May is going to be a great month!