Folks! It's almost that time of year again...big bug season! 

I saw about a dozen hex on the Jordan River last night, in an amongst the sulphurs, mahoganies, black quills, brown drakes, and even a couple elusive golden drakes (yes, golden drakes!) as well. We've had hex on Walloon Lake for 3 or so nights now, so the rivers are soon to follow.  The Upper Manistee is starting to see hex, which should continue to get better over this weekend and into the later part of next week, and the Everett Kircher Preserve should start soon as well.  The Jordan should stay pretty close to the normal June 25 start date, but may be a little earlier, but look to midweek next week to be the start.  I haven't seen any bugs on the lights in East Jordan the last few nights on my way through, but this weekend should see a few.

Drakes are still a go on the upper Jordan, as well as the Pigeon right now...and although I haven't had a recent report, my assumption is that the Black is following suit.  Sulphurs are still a pretty common occurence in the evenings on most of the rivers from the Manistee to the Straits.  We are starting to see some good Iso emergences, and in the riffs, thats the thing to focus on.  Isos will soon take the evening spotlight in many areas until hex become wide spread. 

Waugoshance is fishing great! The hot sunny days have helped provide some consistency to the flats fishing, which helps keep the bass and carp happy.  The latter part of June should be the best time for that area this year, so don't wait to get up there.  We've had several trips up there recently, as well as guides beating up on those fish on days off.  Overall, especially with the increased water levels, the fishing has been pretty good this year. 

We still have open guides available for upcoming hex dates, as well as Waugo, so give us a call and let us take you out on the water!