Hey Folks! 
It's that time of year again... The Hexagenia limbata... aka. Michigan Caddis, Giant Michigan Mayfly, B52, Fishfly, etc. have invaded our rivers!

We have bugs on most of our systems at this point.  The Jordan has started and going strong on the lower river.  Look for this weekend to be a great time in the lower river.  Spinner flights have been common nearly every night right at the normal dark hour, with some bringing quite a few bugs down on the river.  Emergences have been less consistent in timing, but don't rule them out if you start to see sailboats on the water.  I've seen several fish lately completely refuse good amounts of duns on the water just to grab a spent spinner here or there. Figure out the code of what they're eating and it will help your game.

The Maple has bugs as well, and will continue to improve.  The Manistee has started as well, with most of the action still down in the CCC area. 

The fish have been a little tight lipped lately, especially in the later part of the afternoon, waiting and preparing for the feast of Hex.  However, late morning and early afternoon can be productive by swingin' and twitchin' wet skunks and bugger variations.  Large stimulator and attractor patterns can get some fish to the surface as well.  The evening activity is pretty quiet until the hex show up around dark. 

If you plan on staying out for hex, don't leave too early.  Most of the larger fish wait a little later until the dark sets in before they start to feed, so don't give up just because a few of the smaller fish have stopped splashing around.  Slow your game down and plan for long nights when it seems slower and the river isn't boiling at the first sight of spinners.  If you put your time in, you have the good chance at solid rewards...measured in feet, not inches.


Waugoshance is still going strong with smallies & carp.  If the night game is not your thing...head on up to Wilderness and chase fish on the flats.  With most of the local anglers attention going to the big bugs and late nights at this point, a lot of pressure has been taken off the fish at the point and less anglers to bump into throughout the day while the night guys are at home sleeping or cranking through their work day on 8 cups of coffee.  Waugo will continue strong for another week or two before things start to slow down in July.  However, the fishery does exist throughout the summer, just not in the quanity of fish and aggresiveness found in June.


We have some dates available for the Everett Kircher Preserve for the rest of the hex hatch.  Most the dates from June 20th-July 10th are locked up year after year by return guests, however we do have some openings for some of the best hex fishing you will ever experience.  And no need to drift half the night looking for fish.  However, if late night floats are your thing...we have boats available for floats as well and are happy to get you on the river!


Stop in and see us!  We have a special promotion coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that on our Facebook page.  As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you are having a tough time on the water, or need a few tips/tricks/or places to go, come see us and we will help you out.

See you on the water~