Hey Folks!

Well the craziness of the Drake & Hex seasons has finally started to wind down.  The glassy eyes stare of sleepless nights is being replaced with a welcomed eagerness to get out enjoy the sunshine and warm summer weather.

There is always a calm period following hex...whether it is anglers getting a few hours of extra sleep, significant others finally getting to spend time with a someone they "lost" to the river for the better part of a few weeks, or just time spent doing other northern Michigan activities...whichever it is, it leaves the rivers quiet and serene and open to the exploring angler looking for new places to cast a line.

Daytime trout fishing, especially for brook trout, in headwaters and backcountry haunts, is the name of the game for the remainder of the summer...throw in a few all-nighters throwing meat (mice) at night for trophy Browns...and you have my favorite time of year in northern Michigan.  There is something about the blue halos on brook trout that is almost heavenly.  Exploring new water chasing the little beauties is always an exciting new adventure.  In fact, I took a few days off and decided to head to the north country and am sitting in a little diner in Marquette having breakfast before heading out to new brookie water!

Wet skunks, attractor dries, and swung soft hackles are a great bet for headwaters creekin'.  So get out there and get it done!

The rivers are quiet and the fish DO EAT during the day as well, so get out and enjoy the beauty that is northern Michigan.