Hey folks!  Hex season is in full swing here in the Tip of the Mitt!  The Jordan, Boyne, Maple and Upper Manistee have bugs throughout the systems and the fish are definitely keying in.  The moon has been a bit bright lately, which has kept fish to the edges and in the shadows, making for some tough fishing at times, but with the consistency of spinner flights and emergences, the fish are starting to be a little more careless as things continue to push forward.  A cold night last night didnt do much to the bugs, as the spinner flight was solid and we still received a good emergence.  Look at the coming days and the holiday weekend to be a great time on the water for the night game...temps in the 80s during the day, and finally some nights remaining above the 60 degree mark will surely make things more consistent and extend the fishing later into the night.  The moon is pretty full right now, so the next couple weeks with the waning period should continue to get things better as we reach the dark side of the moon by mid month.  We should have hex through the mid-month period as well as long as the weather remains consistent and hot.

Daytime activity for brook trout is pretty dang good right now, especially further up in the systems.  Stoneflies and caddis swung across the faces of log jams are definitely the ticket to get fish to the surface.  Wet skunks and small rubberleg bugger variations are a fairly sure method for getting some fontinalis to hand.

Waugoshance is still going strong with more carp still continuing to show up.  Good reports from Wilderness continue to come in as guys target smallies and carp during the day. 

We still have guides available for some dates, so give us a shout and we will try to get you out!  It's definitely one of my favorite times of year right now, and fishing is outstanding!

There's the quick update, time to get back out on the water!