It's hot.  And I'm not talking a little's hot for northern Michigan.  Several days in the 90s this week makes the term 'dog days' seem correct.  But wait, it's hot in other ways as well...daytime trout fishing to be correct.  Due to the extreme cold water we have here in the tip of the mitt, the fish are doing well.  And as compared to the warmer big waters downstate, combined with the increases in water flow due to the last two winters, things are in good shape.

Early morning and late evening are still going to be the more productive periods of the day, as the sun sits along the horizon and the fish are less wary than the high time of the day.  Daytime fishing definitely has it's place though, and it's always nice to be standing in a 55 degree river on a 90 degree day.  Brook trout on swung flies, wet skunks, and top water attractor patterns is the pinnacle of daytime fly fishing for trout in northern Michigan.  Head to the headwaters and poke around in the pocket water.  You generally can catch a few wherever you go, however, if you really want to up your game...get into stealth mode.  Most trout like to hold tight to cover on high sun days, as trout lack eyelids in order to close their eyes and shut out the sun...think log jams, riffles...anything that breaks the beams of the sun.  In addition to the sun, any large profile and casts a large shadow on the water looks like a giant eagle or bear to a trout, and typically sends brookies into a scramble for cover that looks like a 4 year old toddler with way too much candy and caffeine.  Keep your profile low and be mindful of your shadow, don't enter the water unless you have to, and try to present your fly and leader first rather than your fly line.  These little tricks should help your success. 

Mousing has slowed in the last week due to the high, full moon.  However, as we push forward into August, and we head back toward the dark side of the moon, look for the nighttime hunting to improve.

Northern Michigan is absolutely beautiful this time of year!  If you are looking for an excuse to take a vacation...I think you've found one.

Get out and enjoy the water~