Don't hang up those waders yet, summer is far from over!

It's hot here in the Tip of the Mitt...90s the last day or two, and in the forecast.  Most people are more concerned with swimming in the big lake, or paddling down the river, rather than fishing it.  With the heat in mind, please be mindful of the system you are fishing.  Some systems stay ultra-cold, while others do start to creep past that dreaded 65 degree mark.  If the water temp is 70 degrees, please do not fish for trout/salmon/steelhead...70 degree water is a death sentence to trout, especially if they have to fight an angler.  However, the entire Jordan mainstream rarely breaks the 60 degree mark, the Boyne holds close in the mid-60s, the Deward stretch of the Upper Man seeps out of the glacial sands cold as you still have plenty of options to play during the hot days.  Mornings and evenings are still going to be better fishing, and it will ultimately be more comfortable for you, as well as the trout.

Tricos and olives are pretty steady throughout northern Michigan.  It's always a treat to hit a morning trico or olive hatch on a piece of brookie water.  Small streamers and wet skunks have been a key ticket in the morning if prospecting for fish; switching over to terrestrial patterns by midday.  Big grasshopper patterns, small black beetle patterns, and ants are defintely a go-to right now.  Other attractor patterns hold their place as well, especially when looking for trout in the evenings...Potters Opal Drakes, Crystal Humpies, Madam X are all good patterns in the various sizes and colors.

Salmon are starting to move downstate, however, after being on the big lake up north here a couple times this past week, we are still a few weeks out from having any fish head into the rivers.  Look for Labor day to be the start of this falls run.

Trophy trout hunting is still a night-time endeavor.  August is typically warmer at night than July, which means activity lasts much longer, sometimes all night long.  Mice, frog patterns, just depends on what you are targeting - trout, bass, etc.  Some of the largest brown trout of the year come in August, especially with the dark side of the new moon currently upon us.  Want a little treat?!  Head out soon and look up...not only is the moon dark, so the Milky Way will be incredible, but we are on the downside of the Perseids Meteor of the best meteor showers of the year.  People are saying it may be one of the best displays in recent years due to the coinciding moon.

Other than that, I think I am going to disappear for a few days this week.  It's that time of year to get away for awhile, and although I miss leaving the shop, I'm looking forward to spending some much needed quality time in the northwoods with my dad.  Plus, I'll be bringing home a nice little surprise from Clearcut Kennel at the end of the week...and then the real work begins.

All in all, August is a great time to enjoy all that northern Michigan has to offer - camping, boating, swimming, and of!  Get out and enjoy~