Its the end of August and it definitely been a ride!  Hot and dry at the beginning of the month, and cool and wet here the last week or so...and now heading back into nice warm seasonable temps as we move into September.  Summer has flown by faster than any that I can remember.  

The cool off was hated by a few, tolerated by most, and enjoyed by the rest.  Cool weather and rain brough the rivers back up from the lows typical of August, and added some much needed sediment to the otherwise gin-clear late season waters of northern Michigan.  It was a needed blessing to the trout anglers, and brought the trout out to play during the daytime hours.  As we move into the next week and the warmer weather, look for the morning and evening to start being the name of the game again, and back into the night for hunting big trout in the dark. 

The bug game is similar to what it has been.  Grasshoppers and most terrestrials took a little break during the cooldown, and the fields and forests seemed almost void of bug life while the cold temps moved through.  However, today things jumped back into play, and mid-morning started seeing some hopper fishing, and I assume things will only get better.  Hoppers are BIG this time of year, and I managed to wrangle a few, and squash a few with the truck that were pushing the size of my pinky finger.  Go big or go home as they say...but don't get me wrong, smaller sizes are definitely still in play.  Beetles are a great go-to on the Jordan and Pigeon as and peacock are good colors.  Flying ants have made their appearance with the warmup as well. We have a very strong flight today and this evening in the Boyne Falls area, so get out on the river and throw ants tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.  BWOs and Tricos are still around, so don't forget your dry fly box at home. 

The survey results are in...the salmon are coming!  As of last week, we already had solid reports at the mouth of the Bear, and last night there were about 30 boats of the cement plant in Charlevoix, so the Boyne and Jordan are soon to follow in the next week or two.  I would look around Labor Day to be the "official" start of northern Michigan salmon season.  Pull out the 8 thru 10 weights!

The cool weather and drizzle last week had me thinking about one other thing...and it wasnt fall streamer or salmon fishing, or 'winter is coming'...but bird season is right around the corner.  And to celebrate all the goodness that has to go with fly fishing and bird hunting, I recently picked up the newest member of Boyne Outfitters...'Bourbon'...a lil Gordon Setter pup from Clearcut Kennels over in Minnesota.  He's been a handful this last week, but I am excited to have a new pup.  Stop by and say hello, and dont forget that Luna is here on an almost daily basis as well. 


I hope each of you are able to enjoy these last few weeks of summer as we move into a nice warm start to fall.  Get out in northern Michigan and enjoy the water.