It's August! And one of my most treasured times of year.

We received some much needed rain this week, which shot our water up for a quick day, but it has returned to normal just as quickly...the fish really appreciated the little blast of extra water.  However, the water has cleared, and August means gin-clear conditions in the Tip of the Mitt...think spring-creek style.  Stealth is key, morning and evenings produce more activity, and hit the shade and pocket water during the high sun.

Brook trout are definitely the name of the game right now.  Swingin' nymphs and twicthin' wet skunks are a fond go-to, however don't be afraid to throw attractor patterns up top to look for the top bite.  This past week really saw a huge increase in grasshoppers, so hopper season is in full swing.  Smaller sizes early on and slowly increase as the hoppers grow throughout the month.  Dead drift is not the ticket when fishing headwaters and classic brook trout water in mid-late summer, unless you land into one of those hot and heavy trico hatches in which size 24 flies are the norm.  Twitch, swing, strip, pop....anything to provide a little added motion to those attractor patterns...especially those with legs.  Wulffs and catskill style attractors can still be swung, but twitching...not so much....keep the dead drift in the repetoire for those.  Either way...find cold water and wood, and you should find some brook trout.

Nighttime mousing is starting to heat back up again with the moon fading back to the dark side.  The new moon is scheduled to arrive on the 14th, so the next two weeks should show some skin in the trophy brown trout market. 

Daytime trout fishing in all the other locales are producing some nice browns and rainbows.  Small streamers, skunks, and rubberleg stimulators are key producers.  Focus on the blue hour (dawn and dusk) for the most productive activity...however, most of the morning till high-noon can be productive...same with the last few hours of the day.  Essentially, let the kayakers and canoers have the river during the hot part of the day on the lower rivers while you are fishing the headwaters, then head to the bigger water during the hours when all is quiet in the paddling department for some good action on the water.

We are happy to help you get the most of your day on the water.  Give us a call or stop in!