A month since the last report...I believe it's time for a new one.  If you did not get a chance to read the late September report, please do.


Well, October is coming to a close, and November is right around the corner.  If it were up to me, October would be 90 days long.  Fall streamer fishing, bowhunting, upland bird hunting, etc. etc. etc...there is so much to do and it always seems like there is not enough time to do it all.  For those that have been keeping up with me, 18 months after the fire, I am finally settling into my new home.  It is definitely a nice close to a not so enjoyable experience.  A big THANK YOU to all of my clients, family, co-workers, and friends, for your ultimate patience and understanding over the last year and a half. 

Salmon.  Yes, we have a run in the Boyne.  Some days are better than others, and it is certainly fluctuating with the weather.  There are not a lot of fish, but there are enough to fish to most days, and I assume it will stay that way for another week or two before things come a close. 

Steelhead.  They're coming.  A few reports here and there, and when the temps drop and we get a dose of rain, we get a few more.  Once the weather finally cools down for the long term, the fall steelhead game should get going. 

Brown Trout.  YES.  FINALLY.  After a HOT September, and a warmer than normal October, things are finally started to cool down.  And with it, the fall streamer fishing.  Guys have been hucking meat for the last few weeks, and some days can be downright productive as hell, but most days are slower due to the late warm weather this season.  On the cool, dreary days, we have had good reports of large trout starting to stage in the shallows.  Although we have seen minimal spawning activity and active redds, it should happen sooner rather than later.  Look at the next couple weeks to be the go-to once the weather cools down.  November is one of the most productive streamer months for large trout in northern Michigan...throw on the wool and goretex and get out there with the 7 and 8 weights to huck big junk at the banks.  Some of the largest trout I know of are late October-November fish.  You definitely put your time in for them, but the reward is usually worth all the time put in, the frozen fingers, and the empty coffee thermos.  What do you need to make your streamer days a little better?!  How about a bunch of freshly tied streamers straight from the guru himself, Michael Schmidt at Anglers Choice Flies.  We got a few nice shipments of quality flies this month from ACF, as well as Umpqua and Catch.  We have the flies for fall.

Atlantic Salmon.  Soon boys, slow down.  November is the time of year for salar on Torch.  For the meantime, scroll up and spend time chasing truttas!

...and for the bird guys... This season has been good in the woods.  We are on the upward climb of the 10 year cycle, and the grouse numbers do seem to be a little better if you know where to find them.  We had a bad frost spring which limited wild fruit production in many locations, and the birds don't like to spend time where they don't have food...so find the food and you'll find the birds.  Woodcock numbers are good this year as well.  Boots on the ground and a good dog definitely help in finding birds.  The RGS banquet was a great success again this year, and if you haven't had a chance to attend, please do in the future...it's a great organization that does fantastic work for upland game habitat. 

 All in all, life is good; October is better.  If you need something, please do not hesitate to call us...we are happy to help.