Hey Folks!

Well it looks like late fall is finally starting to show up.  After a unseasonably warm autumn with temps into the 70s and very little rain, a gust blew in last night that brought some cold gray skies with plenty of rain.  The rivers are crankin' right now and we have more cold and rain in the forecast...a good sign for the guys that have been holding onto the streamer and steelhead game with limited success.

The streamer game has been marginal this fall with the warm sunny skies, but that should change with this weather pattern.  Look at the rest of November, and even December to be great months for streamer fishing.  Post spawn trout with warmer water temps should keep things active later than we normally see.  We have a huge selection of new streamers in the fly shop - from Anglers Choice Flies, Umpqua, Catch - so stop by and grab some meat for the big streamer game.

Steelhead.  This rain should get a nice bump of steelhead into the systems.  Things have been fairly quiet statewide with the exception of the Big Man, so it'll be nice to start seeing chrome pop up a little more frequently as we head into late fall.  Remember, Sunday is firearm season opener, so if you don't hunt, get to the river (and wear some blaze orange) to have the water all to yourself while everyone else is off chasing whitetail.

Atlantic Salmon.  Torch is starting to heat up.  We have had fish for a week or two now, but just lately have things really started to turn on.  Focus on the shallows and river mouths with small baitfish patterns for success.  Remember, just like salar anywhere, you need to put in your time to land one of these magnificent fish.

Don't overlook the power of the nymph this time of year.  So many guys are hucking big flies and swingin', but the nymph can be very productive as the water temps are still in the fall range and even as we head into winter.  Trout eat small bugs all day long, it's only us that thing we need to throw something six inches long in order to make the day.

Get out and enjoy the water~