To you, our loyal customer, we Thank You for your patronage and continued support.  We look forward to seeing you and serving your needs in 2016.

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday season!  A year has come and gone, and a new one has begun.  

What do you look forward to 2016?  Happiness, good relationships, health?  

How about another year to get out on the water?  Another year to enjoy the crystal clear, cold waters of northern Michigan.  A chance to chase those beautiful blue halos of fontinalis.  Perhaps a chance to land your biggest trout to date?  Or try something new such as night fishing for trophy browns or chasing golden bones in Lake Michigan?  New waders/rod/reel?

We all look forward to something.  This year I am looking forward to a continued passion for the sport I love to share with all of you.  I look forward to enhancing the relationships I have and building new ones.  I look forward to enjoying my new house, training a new bird dog, and being able to spend immeasurable hours on the water.

I look forward to finally feeling "ready" to guide again - now that the new house has been built, and insurance is for the most part behind me...I have ordered a brand new drifter for 2016, am seriously also looking at a raft for skinny water, spending countless hours behind the vice cranking out bugs to fill fly boxes, reading book upon book upon book, and making sure all my gear is in order for the 2016 season.  To all of my loyal guests over the years, I appreciate the patience you have given me over the last two seasons while I have dealt with insurance, contractors, etc. and have had limited time to truly give the experience I like to give. For 2016, look for several serious upgrades to my guide program, and I am truly looking forward to spending time on the water with you.  To those who have never taken a trip on the water with me, I look forward to the opportunity to show you northern Michigan in a way you have never experienced.  

Finally, I look forward to another wonderful year with Boyne Outfitters!  The team here at Boyne Outfitters is top-notch fishy guys.  They are passionate about this sport, and they truly make Boyne Outfitters what it is.  Whether it is serious questions, booking a guide trip, or sharing fish stories over a cup of joe or a pint, we are here to help.

A quick fish report...

Fishing has been solid the last few weeks.  The warm fall has led to some great winter opportuntiies lately. Steelhead and brown trout are the name of the game.  Swingin', strippin', and nymphin' are all producing fish.  And although some days are definitely more productive than others, I have yet to hear a complaint about a certain technique not at least getting bites.  The Boyne, Sturgeon and Pigeon have been fishing best, and will likely continue to do so.  However, with all this snow we have received this week (finally), access to some of PRC will be limited.

To all of you, enjoy a wonderful 2016.  We look forward to seeing you.