Well... It's finally here!  Trout season 2016 coming to a stream near you... Saturday, April 30th!

It's interesting, you know, planning and preparing for weeks just for a single day.  All the anticipation.  The making plans with buddies for fishing trips.  The 'who'/'what'/'where'/'when'...and sometimes even the 'why'.

There are dates in our lives that we just look forward to; those future dates that keep us going when we are lost, and that only build in anticipation when we are in good spirits.   A few come to mind - trout opener, upland season, archery season, New Years.   For others...weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays.  I've never been married, but I can tell you this, if the excitment leading up to my wedding day is half as good as it is leading up to trout opener, my future wife will be one lucky lady.  The difference is, a wedding happens once, luckily trout opener is every year!

The opener day/weekend of trout season means a little something different to everyone.  To me, even though I fish year round, trout opener signifies a rebirth, a start of something new - new adventures, new stories, new friends, and new times on the river.  It's also reminiscient of days spent with my pops in my younger years, tossing worms into little brookie holes in random creeks I could jump across.  That warm breeze through the pine woods, the spring peepers in the evening, a woodcock peeting in the background, and mayflies.  


For so many people, trout opener means time spent at the cabin, a tradition of sorts.  A reason to get away from the daily rush, don the waders, and sneak away into the river somewhere.  Of course we all like to catch fish when we go fishing, but I think most people who celebrate trout opener do it for a much bigger reason, and the size and quantity of fish caught always seems to be forgotten among the other memories made. Like hatches of mayflies.


Okay, so here's the deal.  I'm no dry fly purist by any means.  I don't mind chucking indi rigs for steelhead, and ripping 300gr+ sink tips for hog johnson, but there is a love I have for mayflies and trout that few words will ever be able to describe.  The emergence.  The dance.  The spinner flights.  A trout sipping.  These river denizens never cease to amaze me, regardless of if they are olives, hennies, isos, drakes, hex, etc - brown & brook.  There is just something that is so captivating to me to be on a river and watch mayflies.  Caddis & stones just don't do the same thing for me.  Sure, they catch fish, but they're clumsy.  Caddis and stones are like normal girls.  Mayflies are like the girl-next-door, the sexy redhead, or the blonde bombshell.  They just make you a little weak in the knees even thinking about them.  Now, where am I going with this...  Well, that's why opener is so exciting for me.  Even though we've been fishing dries on and off for a couple weeks, trout opener signifies that time of year where everything starts to happen.  The mayflies.  And the trout.  And the brook trout.  On skinny water.  On dries. In the middle of nowhere.  Wandering.  Lost.  But not quite.

Here is to all of you gearing up for the 2016 trout opener.  Enjoy your time on the water, be safe, and make some memories.  Please stop in and see us this weekend, and tell us all about it.  We'll be working while you are playing, so please let us fish vicariously through you.  And for those of you who still need to gear up a bit - we still have our bucket promo going on... whatever you can fit in the bucket, we'll give you 20% off.  

Happy Opener.  Cheers~