To answer the burning questions right from the start...

"Do you have steelhead?"  Yes.

"Where?" Boyne, Sturgeon, Pigeon, Sturgeon, Bear

"Fishable numbers?" Yes.

"How long will it last?"  Quite awhile.

It is was springtime in northern Michigan.  The grass is was greening up.  The water temps are were in the mid 40s.  

We have a saying in northern Michigan... "Don't like the weather?... Wait 5 minutes, it'll change."  And change it did.  

Now don't get me wrong.  It's still spring.  We have steelhead in the major systems, and spring streamer fishing is off to a good start.  However, this week Mother Nature decided to "bless" us with another 12"+ of snow and decided to bottom out the temps.  For those of us eager to get out, it slows things down a bit.  But for those of you have haven't figured out that it's April already, don't worry, spring is still waiting for you.  Water temps have dropped back into the high 30s, so the steelhead run in the tip of the mitt is on the brakes.  There are fish to be caught, but we are no where near peak, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see the run last well into May.  Temps next week are supposed to stay chilly, but after the middle part of the month it will return to seasonal temps, and it'll be game on.  The fish have already gotten a taste of spring, even to the point of some early dry fly activity, so as soon as the water temps return, you better be ready!

Streamer fishing is definitely starting to pick up.  During the warmer temps, it was starting to go off pretty well, and with the cooldown it defintely slowed the beat a bit.  As the water temps warm, be ready to throw the big nasties.  Those big ole browns are hungry after this winter, and are ready to destroy anything that looks like food.  

For the guys (& gals) that love spring fishing and skiing... you can come do both this weekend!  Boyne Mountain is opening back up to 100+ acres of terrain with the fresh white stuff, and spring fishing will only increase.  Instead of cast & about Ski & Strip-set?!  Get out and enjoy it while it lasts!

We have dates for both steelhead and spring streamer fishing available, so give us a call if you'd like to get out and enjoy it.  We are already getting a lot of calls for June & July dry fly fishing, so if you're looking at drakes and hex...get on it.

Don't forget we are always here to help.  Feel free to email us, call us, facebook us, etc. if you have a question or need a little advice.  We love sharing our craft with you, so please don't hesitate.

Enjoy your week~