Wow! What a couple weeks! I know it's June, and I have to apologize for the delay in the report, but it's hard to find time to write when things are this good.  Plus, I've had some really cool opportunities recently to share the world of fly fishing with others - hosted trip with PureMichigan & American Angler...presentation at the new Filson store in Midtown get the idea. Now, on to the report!

Writer & Photographer for American AnglerWe had a little bit of a cold spell there, which definitely slowed things down, but for being a bit ahead of "normal", it really just brought us back to par.  The bug buffet is consisting of mahoganies, a few sulphurs still, cahills, isonychia, and brown drakes.  With the increase in water temps since the cold snap, the trout have been pretty eager to get back in line to fill their bellies. Look for this to be the norm for the next week or so as the weather holds in the warm to hot range.

Happy Guests on Upper ManisteeWe are on the verge of the big bugs - Hex - the pinnacle bug of Michigan dry fly fishing.  We've had a few reports on the lakes, but nothing too significant yet.  Look for the Au Sable to start any day guess is we will be somewhere between the 20-25 for a start date.  I'm ready. Are you? We do still have a couple guide dates available, so please call us to book a spot.

Brook TroutThe flats are starting to reach the top.  Lots of reports of carp starting to move in more and more each day, and with the increased water temps, they should stick around with any luck. Smallies are abundant and eager, so if you need a break from the river, but not a break from fishing, get to Waugo.  Miles under the boots is the name of the game up there if you want to start chasing some quality fish.

Ethan speaking at Filson StoreThe Filson event went great last night - what a wonderful group of people!  Detroit has some really cool things going on.  But as much time as I spend in the wilds of northern Michigan, the city is a wilderness all its own.  As I sit here sipping coffee at the Detroit Athletic Club, with a view of Comerica Park & Ford Field, I realize I'm truly blessed.  But I can't wait to get back up north to my little intimate fisheries I call home.

Have a great week, and see you on the river
~  E