If you haven't noticed, it's been pretty darn hot out lately. For the last week or so day time temps have been hitting the mid/high 80's and up to 90. The nights have varied. Some have stayed hot and humid, others have been cool and provided some much needed relief from the heat. The majority of our rivers should be cool enough, however keep an eye on your water temperature on hot afternoons. If water temp starts to approach 70deg and you plan on catch and releasing, maybe think about calling it a day and going to enjoy some of the other great activities Northern Michigan has to offer.

We have been seeing some solid trico action in the mornings and olives in the evenings. If the heat wave continues, look for the tricos to spin very early in the morning and the olives right about dusk. With the lack of rain, the rivers a running a little low and clear. Bumping down a size or two on your tippet is highly recommended.

The day time terrestrial bite is starting to gain some steam. We have started seeing quite a few big, fat hoppers just waiting to get blown into the water. Fishing various hopper, ant, stimulator, and attractor patterns during the day should get some fish interested, especially the brook trout. Adding a soft hackle or nymph dropper off of your dry is never a bad idea, and will only increase your odds of picking off some fish. Again, most waters are a little low and very clear and fishing fine tippets may be necessary.

For those of us that like to stalk trophies in the night, the coming weeks should provide for some excellent night fishing. The temperatures will be staying warm and the nights will be dark. Grab your head lamp and some DEET and hit the river after dark. Nothing quite gets your heart going like a big brown breaking the silence of the night, and exploding on the surface to your fly.

It seems that once we hit August people are already starting to think about fall, and the kids about going back to school. Pump the brakes. Summer isn't nearly over yet. The next month should provide us with some great day time terrestrial and brookie fishing, and also some great night time opportunities. Late summer is a great time here in Northern Michigan. The crowds seem to dwindle a bit and the pace becomes more relaxed. Do yourself a favor and get on up here, you won't be disappointed that you did. We still have some guide dates available for August. Give us a call, we would love to get you out on the water!