Well, I can honestly say that river reports were not my forte this season.  However, I'm back in the saddle and you will start to see more frequent updates from now on.

Now...where were we...

It's fall. Officially.  And in all accounts, it's starting to feel like it as well.  The nights have been cooler, the musky smell of the autumn woods is wafting through the air, the leaves are starting to change, and we are out of the dog days of summer.  

Fall is one of my favorite times of years...and if it were my choice, it would last a lot longer than it does. Decisions are difficult in autumn - Do I chase late-season brookies on headwaters streams before closure?  Do I run the dogs?  How about streamers?  Well, the new moon is close...perhaps some mousing before it gets too cold?  Bow season is right around the corner...hmmm.  You get the picture.  My decisions are generally based on the weather.  If it's warm...too warm for the dogs that is, it's usually heading to the headwaters or taking out the big boat one last time before it gets too cold to swim.  If it's cool, especially in the mornings, it's waking up early...grabbing a cup of coffee, loading the dogs up and hitting the back roads and local haunts near the house for a couple hours of chasing birds before heading to the office.  When the day is done, it's time spent with family and friends around a bonfire wearing jeans and hoodies (and still rocking the flip flops), and enjoying the last bit of mild weather before winter sets in.  Such a great time of year and definitely as Pure Michigan as it gets.

As for the fishing, things are doing well.  

The late-season brookie game is holding strong as we get some rain and the fish become less spooky as is the case in late August.  Olives and caddis are the top water game, with soft-hackles and small streamers doing well under the surface.

Streamer fishing is starting to pick up steam as the evening temps start to slip off below the 50s.  Rain storms are more frequent this time of year, so play the water levels to your advantage.  October is prime time for streamer fishing as the fish look to load up on calories pre-spawn.

And yes, we have salmon this year.  The Boyne has fish, and kings have been spotted throughout the Jordan as well.  The fish are big this year, and reports are that the run will likely be larger than last year.  Keep in mind that very similar circumstances happened in Lake Huron in the early 2000s, so if you like chasing kings in the river, make sure to get out and do it this year.  As for the guys who aren't as crazy about salmon, try eggin' behind the spawners and chase the trout gobbling up the eggs.  It's a great way to catch some solid trout.

Skitoberfest is next Saturday here at Boyne Mountain Resort.  We will have a rep here for Sage, Redington, Rio Products, Fishpond, and Catch Fly Fishing.  We will be checking out the new 2017 products including the all new, award-winning Sage X !  This rod won 'Best Freshwater Rod [5wt]', 'Best Saltwater Rod [8wt]' and 'Best In Show' at IFTD this year.  I've already picked one up for myself, and I can tell you, it's worth it!  Come cast it and see for yourself.  We will also have specials and end-of-season sales in the store.

Other than that, get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having!  Now that season is slowing down, you'll see me in the shop more often (when I'm not on the water or in the woods).  Please don't hesitate to call us or stop in if you have questions or would like to check out the water this time of year - always here to help!