This year we are doing something a little different.  Introducing the Boyne Outfitters "Wish 'Fish' List".  This list is a compilation of some of the tried and true products that we as shop staff and guides not only use ourselves, but can stand behind and recommend them without hesitation to you, our loyal customers, and any angler you may be looking to buy gifts for during the Christmas & holiday season.

We have broken this list into three categories... (1) The Stocking Stuffer - these items are less than $50, and are great for any angler. (2) Mid Stream - these items are going to provide a solid bang for the buck.  They're not gonna break the bank, but they're going to do exactly what you want them to. AND (3) The 'Worth Every Penny!'  These are the top of the line - the best of the best - the cream of the crop.  These items may not be cheap, but the technology and quality of these items will stand the test of time.


THE STOCKING STUFFER - Hydroflask 20oz Coffee

Let's be honest.  It's getting cold outside.  And whether you drink coffee, tea, cocoa, or totties...Hydroflask is designed to keep your drink HOT!  And I'm not talking for a half hour; I'm talking HOT, for awhile...and even when it does cool down (mid day), it's still pretty warm.  I've used Hydroflask for several years now - I have em in every size - and whether it's the ice holding capabilities in the heat of the summer, or keeping my coffee hot on the river on a long winter day, they're awesome!  And at less than $30 + a sweet Boyne Outfitters logo shot, they make great gifts.

MID STREAM - RIO Products InTouch Fly Lines

A few more dollars over standard fly line technology goes a long way.  Long gone are the days of fly lines merely being a silk weight to carry a fly a short distance to a surface rising trout - Just like my flies, I like a fly line that I can FISH.  Quick rundown - InTouch lines offer ultra-low stretch ConnectCore tech which means increased sensitivity, better cast timing, precise mends, and better control.  For the novice to intermediate angler, this means better casting and increased hookups.  For the intermediate to advanced anglers, this means InTouch with your flies...tight loops, solid hook sets, and control from the cast to the fish in the net.  RIO makes a variety of lines InTouch, so most applications from dry flies to streamers, you can get ConnectCore tech.


Sure, I'm biased.  As a Sage Elite Pro, I belong to a very select group of guide ambassadors that Sage knows won't hit the water without a Sage rod in hand - Steven Dally, Tommy Lynch, Pat get the idea.  I'm not tooting my own horn here - some of those guys have forgotten more about fly fishing than I have yet to learn - I'm just saying I'm li'l partial to Sage rods.  However, when a fly rod wins the 'Triple Crown' at IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer) show...winning 'Best Freshwater Fly Rod' (5wt), 'Best Saltwater Fly Rod' (8wt), & 'Best in Show' ...a historical first at IFTD ... you know Sage is doing something right!  I already have a couple of these in the quiver, and I can tell you, the bump from Konnetic to KonneticHD tech is pretty impressive.  Sure, they top out the scale at $895 for single hand models, but these rods are worth their weight in gold...brown trout gold that is (and bonefish/tarpon platinum)...because if these rods don't help you put bigger and better fish to hand, you may want to look at taking up badminton.

Introducing - The X from Sage Fly Fish on Vimeo.


THE STOCKING STUFFER - TIE - Simms Taco Bag & InsectShield Buff

Nice over looked accessory.  Gives you a place to stand in your stocking foots [waders] without the potential of punctures and holes to the booties.  Keeps wet and muddy waders away from other gear you in your fish mobile.  

Insect Shield Buff.  Great for sun protection but I use mine more for keeping mosquitos/black flies/ticks off my head and face.  Really does work and I won't go in the backwoods in the summer without mine.

MID STREAM - Simms Kinetic Jacket

I love it!  I wear it all the time in the winter.  Makes for a great every day jacket without anything else underneath it.   However, add a nice layering piece, and it will keep you warm in all but the coldest conditions. #ForgetTheForecast

WORTH EVERY PENNY - Redington Hydrogen Fly Rod & Rise Reel 

The 9-foot, 5-weight Redington Hydrogen is a great rod if you're looking for something that can do a bit of everything.  From small to larger dry flies, stimi's & hoppers, and buggers to small streamers...this rod can handle them all!  Paired with the new Redington Rise reel makes for a great combo.  The Rise is light weight and built with high quality materials and it has more than enough drag to handle whatever you throw at it.


THE STOCKING STUFFER - Umpqua Dream Stream Mitt Clamps

These forceps are nice because they do not require the use of your fingers to open. They can be opened while wearing gloves or with numb hands. A must have for winter fishing. 

MID STREAM - Simms BugStopper Apparel

Great for muggy, hot summer days, these are lightweight and won't leave you smelling like deet. Available in shirts, pants, buffs, and hats the bug stopper technology makes summer bugs a thing of the past.


From throw small dries to swinging for steelhead, Sage offers a rod for every application. All Sage rods are made in the USA and are covered by their original owner, lifetime warranty.


THE STOCKING STUFFER - Loon Outdoors Rogue Scissor Forceps

The large size and comfortable rubber coated grips make them easy to hang on to even with wet hands. The built in scissors makes it easy to manage leaders and tippet without tying a pair of nippers on your old forceps. 

MID STREAM - Simms ExStream Foldover Mitts

These warm and water resistant gloves keep my hands dry and warm in below freezing temperatures, even when I have to dunk my hands. I keep them in mitten form on the way to the river and fold the left hand back to manage my line while I'm fishing. 

WORTH EVERY PENNY - Simms Rivershed Sweater Quarter Zip

An extremely warm, but very breathable fleece. It seems to have a looser weave than some competitors, which leaves more room for trapped air to insulate you and allows it to dry faster. It moves well without riding up when layered which is nice in this cooler weather where layering is crucial.