The river is warming, and these warm days and the rain showers that follow are the cause.  The frost has been gone for awhile now, so those nice sunny days warm up that dirt...and when that rainwater percolates through, the river temps follow.  We are hovering around mid-upper 40s on the rivers near M-72, I even heard it was breaking 50 in the afternoon on the warm days, but the cooler temps at night have slowed that progression down a bit.  As you travel further north...naturally...the water temps are colder.

Black stoneflies have been going pretty steady, and Blue Winged Olives were coming off the Jordan fairly well yesterday.  We've been able to start picking off a couple risers here and there.  Heck, I saw a single henny pop on the Upper Man on Sunday - a little early to the party, but a reminder that it's coming faster than we think.  It's a good idea to make sure you're carrying your dry fly gear this time of year just in case you get into a nice little flight with fish up on the surface.

The streamer bite is getting better each day as the water warms, and if you can get under some cloud cover instead of the sunny bluebird days, you should be in luck.  Don't be afraid to start speeding up retrieves if a slower retreive isn't producing - those increased temps have trout moving pretty well.  Once those water temps hit 50 - I guarantee you - you can't move your fly faster than a brown trout can swim.  Match the color of your fly to the water, and if you need to change...go contrasts.  ie. Start with olive, switch to tan.  Start with black, switch to white. Presentation always trumps color, so vary that retreive until you find what's working.

Steelhead are thick in the Boyne right now - the Jordan, not so much.  The Sturgeon and Pigeon both have respectable numbers, and more fish are showing up everywhere each day.  When the water is up from a rain, go big - or go home.  When the water drops and clears up, go with smaller nymphs to up your odds.

The short term forecast has us getting up in the 70s, but then tapers off to seasonal temps for the long term..50s during the day, 40s at night.  This should bring things more into the "normal", but I wouldn't be surprised at all if we have hendricksons by opener.

We are hosting a Spring Castoff the Thursday prior to opening day - April 27.  Midwest Rep, Ben Hunting, will be on hand with all the fun toys from Sage, Redington & RIO.  We have some really sweet promos going on for that day only, and will have the grill fired up, so stop on by and hang out for a bit before you head out onto the trout streams for the weekend.

Welcome to Spring!