"The solution to any problem - work, love, money, whatever - is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be."

John Gierach

It's been a hell of a week!  Sulphurs and mahoganies were definitely the spotlight last week, with iso's transitioning into the mix throughout the week.  We had a few recurvata's here and there, but that's one you'll have to find on your own ;)  Brown drakes are starting to taper off in a lot of places on the Au Sable, however, the Manistee is going, and we just started seeing solid bugs on the smaller waters up north a couple days ago.  Look to this week to be a solid week of chasing brown drakes with the hot weather.  I predict that it will be a few hot & heavy spinner falls, and taper off rather quickly to make room for hex that may show up a little sooner than normal due to the forecasted temps.  Drakes bring some solid fish to the surface - and for those of you not keen on chasing fish during the hex hatch, this week should be prime time with the mix of drakes and iso's.  Even though late nights are common with chasing drakes, typically you don't have to stay out as late as hex in order to get into a nice spinner fall and quality fish rising to them.

Waugoshance Point is doing well for the smallies and carp crowd.  Andrew has been up there quite a bit this spring keeping tabs on things, and among the smallies he managed to land a 23# carp.  Look at the next two weeks being peak season for that fishery, slowly tapering off through mid-July.  For smallies, weighted clousers and crawfish patterns are key...however, when chasing carp there are two main schools of thought depending on the feedback you receive from the fish.  If they are amped up, give em some meat...throw goby and leech patterns, however, often times at Waugo, the more stealth approach is key.  Small, extremely lightly weighted flies are best - similar to what you would use for spooky bonefish, but in more natural drab colors.  If you've never been to Wilderness State Park - you're missing out.

On a personal note, I had the honor of fishing with two gents this week - one of which many of you may know, and one you may not...but equally respected by the crew here at Boyne Outfitters.  Check it out below in the report photo gallery.

It's gonna be a hot week - there are gonna be bugs... and therefore, fish.  

Get up north!