Summer Reflections

It's hard to believe that we're already into the middle of August. It seems as if the whirlwind of May/June/July picked me up, spat me out, and here we are. It seems like just yesterday I was anxiously waiting for the first word of Hendricksons. Now the nights are getting cooler and I already hear talk of fall.

With the Perseid meteor shower forecasted to peak the other night I headed out to the river solo to find some solitude, enjoy the star show, and toss some rodents. I was on the water from dark until about 1am or so, and I must admit that I fished for maybe 30 minutes. The meteor shower did not disappoint. The majority of the night was spent sitting on the bank, eyes fixed on the heavens above, reflecting on the months that seem to have slipped by so quickly. Reminiscing about the good fish caught, and the better ones that were missed. About the things I've learned, and the things I continue to fine tune. About watching a guest catch their first fish on a fly. About the time spent in beautiful places with good friends. All of it a great reminder of why I live the lifestyle that I do, and why I absolutely love every bit of it. A night that I hardly fished and moved nothing was one of my favorites of the season.

By no means is the summer fishing done yet though! In fact, things are pretty darn good right now. The mornings continue to offer good Trico and Olive fishing. If you can find some good bugs they can make the river boil with rising fish. However, at times you still may have to play the hatch match game and figuring out what they're focused on that morning.

Terrestrials and attractor patterns have done well in the afternoons. A big foamy hopper pattern with a small ant as a trailer can be a deadly combo. With the rain and cooler nights, our water temperatures are still in a good spot. But keep a thermometer with you, and an eye on the water temp on those hot afternoons. If the night game is your thing the moon is on its way back to the dark side, so the next two weeks should offer some good mousing opportunities.

Things are good, fish are happy. Get out on the river and enjoy it! The shop is stocked with new 2018 Sage, Rio, and Redington gear as well as new Simms fall product! Stop on by and see us!  

-  Andrew