Summer Splendor

Well, here we are... moving right along into August.  It's not fair to say the fishing sucks right now, because it's far from it.  From the consistent flows and water temps, to the happy fish from a mild winter and solid hatch season, things are doing just fine.  Actually, in my opinion, things are better than fine...they're pretty damn good for mid summer fly fishing opportunities in northern Michigan.

Keep track of the water temps, but for the most part, things are holding well below the threshold and allowing for some great opportunities across the tip of the mitt.  The Upper Man has been giving anglers great times with morning tricos, and although we did have some "Anglers Curse" mayflies the other morning, the fishing was far from it.  As the days warm, focus turns to ants, beetles and grasshoppers as is the norm this time of year.  Pigeon River Country has been doing well, especially on the Pigeon and the Black.  If you have never had the opportunity to hit these systems in mid-late summer, do yourself a favor... grab your sandals and rod, and head for the river... you won't be disappointed with these little backcountry creeks.  Don't forget your olives for that morning switch.

Fishing for largemouth and gills on the warmwater  is doing well too.  If the water gets too warm on the ditch, or you need a change of pace, don't pack it up... hit the ponds and lakes and have a hoot-hollerin time!

We now have new 2018 Sage, Rio & Redington products in stock - including the new SaltHD & Foundation rods, as well as the Spectrum series reels.  New offerings from Rio and Redington as well.  Simms fall product has been arriving, so the shop is looking good heading into the later part of the season.  Stop on by to say hi and check things out - we're always happy to see you!

Boat days are nice - but fishing days are better!