...back to "normal"

Just like that, the switch flipped over night from summer heat and sun, to cool fall temps and cloud cover. Unless you have been living under a rock you know the past few weeks have been unseasonably HOT. I don't normally imagine wet wading in late September, but I did more than once over the last couple weeks. I am definitely guilty of complaining about the heat wave, but we managed to make the best of it. It made the fishing tough and uncomfortable, but not impossible. Fishing small streamers and attractors the first few hours after sun up was best. The evenings provided some fish rising to flying ants, and the dark warm nights moused pretty well!

With the shift back to "normal" temperatures for this time of year, I feel like I can finally begin to think about our fall fishing opportunities. The Boyne and Jordan rivers both have Chinook salmon throughout their systems. I've seen quite a few fish in the Boyne, and even in the upper reaches of the Jordan last week before it closed, getting some of the more aggressive fish to take streamers and swung flies.

This time of year, the trout fishing is much like an open book. A myriad of techniques and different flies can be used as we transition into fall. On the warmer afternoons, fishing dry attractor patterns and terrestrials can still bring fish to the surface. On the cooler and overcast days, fishing smaller streamers and wet flies near wood can draw fish out to play. Swinging a soft hackle through a riffle is never a bad idea to prospect for hungry trout.  For our systems that get salmon, fishing egg patterns through the runs and deep holes behind the spawning fish can produce healthy trout gorging on eggs.  

As we move further into fall (and get much needed rain) the streamer fishing will continue to improve. As the brownies begin to think about spawning, they will be looking for a substantial meal to pack on weight before they do their thing. They also become very aggressive in defending their territory, looking to obliterate whatever comes knocking on their door.

As a reminder, all Type 1 & Type 2 streams are now closed to fishing starting October 1st. On Type 4 streams, possession for brook trout, brown trout, and Atlantic salmon is now closed as well.

Fall is a hard time to beat here in Northern Michigan. Besides the great fall fishing, the grouse and woodcock seasons are both open and we finally have some favorable temperatures to run dogs. Bow season opened on the 1st. Fall turkey season is open until November 14th in certain units. With so much to do it can be hard to set your priorities straight. Whatever it is that floats your boat, get up north and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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The 9th Annual Skitoberfest celebration is this Saturday, October 7th, at Boyne Mountain Resort.  We will be here to answer all questions fishing related, offer complimentary casting instruction, and help you find near gear for your fishing pursuits.