I drove a little slower to the fly shop this morning.  Not only because I gave myself a little more time, but more so because it's June.

June in Boyne Country means bugs - it means hatch season - and it means craziness.  Late nights chasing spinner falls, early mornings catching up on trying to keep gear organized, all while making sure the day to day of the shop and fishing programs at the resorts are running smooth.  For the guides - new and old - it means learning new water, taking sports fishing, and drinking enough coffee in the morning to even out the late night hangover - not from drinking, but from lack of sleep - to keep themselves awake.

What June also means is that if we don't take enough time to slow down, even if only for a minute, we'll miss it completely.  And not by the fact that we haven't spent enough hours on the river, or put a few good fish to hand...but that we'll miss the meaning of it - we'll miss the solitude it brings us; the happiness it brings us.

So here is a little advice to you... give yourself a little more time tonight.  Drive a little slower on the way to the river.  Tie those boot laces a little more deliberately.  Take a little more time walking into your spot.  Light that cigar and tip that flask with a little more meaning; and taste it just a little deeper.  And when you tie on that fly, and you get ready to make that one cast - you know the one...the one that is going to catch the big one - pause for just a moment... a brief extra few ticktocks of the watch...and really appreciate what we have here in northern Michigan in June. 


Bugs are going well.  Isos & cahills, with a mixed bag of stoneflies, are making up the majority of biomass.  Drakes have been a bit goofy this year in the tip of the mitt, so if you're still looking for your drake fix and aren't quite ready for hex...head a little further north this weekend and you'll be in a good place to tie on the brown bug.  The incoming texas-heat-wave is going to pile up drake spinner falls hot and heavy, so be ready.  Hex are right around the corner - rumored reports that there are a few in the mix around - and this heat will definitely give them the edge.  I haven't seen too many popping on the lakes yet, so look to the  middle of next week to really get them kicking up this way. 


Waugoshance is on point right now.  Smallmouth are in the middle of there thing, and reports are that numbers are pretty good this year - the increase in Lake Michigan-Huron water has helped drown a bit more of the point and bring those fish a little closer to anglers reach.  Whereas GT bay is getting a little harder for the wading angler to target fish, Waugoshance only gets better with the increase in water.  Good reports of carp numbers, with success dependent to angler skill set.  Regardless, the crystal clear flats of northern Lake Michigan are fishing well.


Get out and fish!