Lets take a step back and reflect on this past summer... trout fishing in northern Michigan held its weight throughout summer 2018. Ninety plus degrees days in early June and a crazy dry August sent a lot of us back to the drawing board. But throughout summers adversity great opportunities where presented. From prolific hatches to late night moussing, our rivers and fish produced great memories that will last until next season.

So where do we go from here? Well it's September... and yes that means Salmon! Most systems all around the state have reports of fish in them, with more coming with the consistent amount of precipitation we have been receiving. The salmon that have returned upstream this year seem to have some great size to them. Fly selection for these freight train fish is pretty simple. I like clown eggs and stoneflies in sizes 10-14. Swung flies and streamers can also produce on some of the more fiery fresh fish that are willing to chase down a stripped fly. Salmon bring a tremendous amount of biomass to the river, with that big trout let down their guard and move in to feed behind these fish as they spawn out and die. Indicator fishing through holes and riffles is a good way to hook into a big brown that is gorging on eggs.   If Salmon isn't your game head upstream for while you still can. The evenings have been producing good hatches of white caddis and autumn olives. Brook trout fishing has picked back up as fish are a bit more active in there feeding habits with more moderate temperatures. This early season fall season is a great time to get out and strip big meaty flies for browns, I suggest doing so with heavier gear then usual in case of a lake run fish chasing down a stripped fly.  

There are still plenty of great trout fishing opportunities to be had this season. Above all, take care of the river and each other out there. Regardless of tactics or locations, this fall lets all be safe and respectful of one another on the river.  

Tight Lines.  

Brian Moran