I'm not telling anyone something they don't already know, but this week was cold. Last week, I spent one day floating wearing my shorts and flip flops only to be followed by a cold stretch more reminiscent of late March rather than early May. For the last two days, it's rained.

BUT...and a big BUT... fishing has not ceased to exist, it's just one of those adapt-or-die scenarios.

Dry fly fishing has only materialized on a slim occassion, but the streamer fishing and nymph fishing has had some pretty good days. Swingin' soft hackles this time of year can be deadly in slow pools and shallow flats, as can fishing small bead-headed nymphs in the pocket water. I got out on one of those small streams mid-week... one of those streams you keep the location to yourself. Well after only moving a few small brookies in a couple hundred yard stretch, I managed to find a pod of about 15 or so in a nice slow pool and managed about a half dozen before they got smart to my presence and started refusing my ultra-slow...almost static... swing of a soft-hackled pheasant tail. It was one of those reminders that trout season is still here, regardless if the weather has been trying to tell us otherwise. There are plenty more days to come of small pocket water fishing the backcountry streams, and I'm chomping at the bit. 

Streamers have been effective in the water conditions, and will remain so, but dry fly fishing is still just getting started. BWO's are definitely the main staple, but hendricksons have been fluttering around here and there, and with the forecast temperatures this weekend, look to the beginning of next week to be go-time for dry fly fishing in the tip of the mitt. Speaking of the weather... the forecast is calling for clear skies and warmer weather all weekend. With that said, the rain we've been getting will clear out of our systems (doesn't take a small watershed with a short river to drain out) and fishing should be good for the weekend) - you may even have a good opportunity at fish on top. Either way, it will be warmer than it has been - which I know most of us will see as a welcome reprieve. 

Get north this weekend - get out and fish!