It's springtime in northern Michigan! Water temps have tipped the 50 degree mark in many spots and the bugs and fish have started to respond. Streamer fishing is still the most productive way to target trout right now, but dry flies have started to come into play. Namely, little black stones and olives are on the menu. I saw a couple hendricksons the other day, and had a report of a smattering somewhere else, so things are looking good. 

What started out as a fairly slow April - especially due to colder weather this far north - has turned into a nice little pre-season treat. Spring peepers are one of my favorite springtime sounds, and although areas an hour south of here have heard them for a couple weeks now, it wasn't until this week before they started singing...but it seems like everything is catching up fairly quickly. However, it's still spring ... and it's still Michigan. Don't forget the old adage... if you don't like the weather, wait 5 mintues. On Monday, I was floating down the river in flip flops and shorts, and Tuesday we were bunded up in long underwear and coats to cut the wind. However, even though it was colder on Tuesday, it was the better fishing day due to the extra cloud cover - so don't just go out on the "nice" days. Just remember to pack for all weather this time of year... it can change quickly.

Trout season is quite literally right around the corner. I can almost smell the fresh peaty scent of a little headwaters stream. I slept right through a wonderful dream of dry fly eats the other night. We are quickly entering my favorite time of year. 

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