So here's the deal... this spring has been tough. If you've been scratching your head... don't worry, you're not alone. With that said... I've rescheduled hatch season.

Hatch season is one of the most sought after seasons for a fly angler in northern Michigan. Many of us live and breathe with the thought of mayflies dancing in the air and stoneflies twitching across the surface of the river. The hurry up and wait of evening spinner flights - sitting on the river bank, drinking a luke-warm beer pulled from a perma-damp sling pack that hasn't quite dried out from the last few nights chasing bugs.

But this year has been different. It has been cold. Wet. For those who have been willing to stick it out and change techniques - think streamers and mop flies - it's been a fairly successful season...but it hasn't made up for the longing of guys and gals wanting to spend countless hours chasing fish rising to dying mayflies. 

Well... our luck is about to change, and positive reports are already starting to trickle in day by day. There are more bugs, the rivers are warming up, and the water is clearing. The weather forecast is favorable. We don't need 90 degree days like we had last June, in fact... 70s and 80s are a bit better in my opinion. They extend the hatches and keep the water temps in safe conditions for trout. 

So anyways, I rescheduled hatch season. Instead of starting in May this year... I made the executive decision that hatch season starts June 15 this year. But I also decided that the two month timeframe generally reserved for hatch season before we transition to the summer dog days is going to stay in play. So hatch season is from June 15 to August 15 this year... instead of May & June. We're starting with Iso's and Drakes... and transitioning to hex. And after hex, we're going to really focus on ants, beetles, summer olives and tricos... you know, those overlooked hatches because guys have just had "too much" of a good thing during the "normal" hatch season.  Well this year, those are your hatches, and that is your season... so I encourage you to take advantage of them. In all honesty, those are some of my favorite hatches of the year... they're consistent, the weather is warm, and the trout are generally pretty happy. You aren't sitting there scratching your head like you are in mid-May about why the bugs didnt come down - you're fishing, and enjoying summer days on the water. So if you've never gotten a chance to get out after hex, this is the year you should take advantage of it.  Not only because early season was so unfavorable, but because summer season is just that damn great!

Oh... and definitely don't forget about chasing bass up at Waugo! Not only is it fun, but it's save quite a few anglers this year as well. 

See you on the water!