Here we are... August. 

After a cold, wet spring... and an extremely delayed hatch cycle... we are par for the course here in August. Warm summer temps, sunny weather, and fun fishing.

Tricos & summer olives are pretty consistent right now in the mornings on most of the area streams, followed by the terrestrial bite the remainder of the day. Some days are better than others, especially those with a little cloud cover, or following a light rain (but most of our rain comes from thunderstorms this time of year). Water temps are in find condition due to the fall-like nights we've been having - we've had nice 70/80 degree days, but it's been getting a little chilly at night. But, the trout are happy, and we haven't had to be too concerned about water temps in the afternoon. Spring creeks for the win!

The terrestrial bite is the name of the game. Numbers are more common with smaller fish, but a big one can surprise you as you boondog along the wood and foam lines. If you aren't finding strikes, switch to a beetle or ant pattern instead of the standard hopper - a lot of our overgrown wooded streams have a lot more bugs than meadow-dwelling grasshoppers. 

If you don't want to get out to chase trout - pike and bass are keeping folks happy on the inland lakes. Sunfish on spiders is always a hit on a lightweight rod!

We are heading into the new moon, and mousing has already have some great success this summer. Turn on the headlamps and have fun.

We have a few openings going into August, but this summer is definitely one of our busiest yet, so make sure to give us a call in advance if you're looking to get out. If you do wait till the last minute, still pick up the phone - we'll try our best to accomodate you. 

Hope to see you soon!